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We absolutely love Angela Carter’s vivid and witty feminist twists on traditional fairy tales. The theatricality of her writing makes her a wonderful subject for a stage adaptation.

The Tiger’s Bride is a modern reworking of Charles Perrault’s Beauty and the Beast. Having fled abjection in Russia, Beauty and her father arrive in a small Italian village to find that all who come here must play a hand with La Bestia.

Turning the conventional fairy-tale on its head, The Tiger’s Bride is a story of desire, rebirth and embracing the Beast in all of us.

How You Can Help

We really are a brand new company. Think of us as a sort of theatrical embryo!As any Theatre Maker knows, costs can quickly mount up! We need help raising funds for the following (but not limited to)

  • Rehearsal space
  • Venue hire
  • Rights to adaptation fees
  • Ticketing fees
  • Publicity
  • Travel costs
  • Props and costumes

With your generous support, we can create something really special. We want to take our time with this project so that we can explore the text to the best of our ability, so hire of rehearsal space is a big priority!

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Grrrl Power

The Tiger’s Bride is ultimately a story about a woman overcoming objectification and becoming the agent of her own lifestory.

In a society where women are constantly dehumanised by messages about having perfect bodies in order for corporations to sell their products; where women who dare to have a voice are threatened with rape and violent death; and where a young man felt justified in carrying out an extreme act of terrorism because of a woman’s right to say “No”, we believe it’s important to tell women’s stories in order to normalise the female voice and to claim women’s bodies for their own.

By flipping the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast on its head, Angela Carter begins to unpick the gender norms represented in Charles Perrault’s original fairy tale, and the limitations placed on both males and females by Western society.

Marvellous Machine are proud to bring this magnificent story to the stage.

Other Ways You Can Help

Money can be tight – we totally get it if you don’t feel you can contribute but here are some other ways you can help:

  • Volunteer! We’d love to hear from anybody who’s interested in collaborating with us in any way they can, be it prop making, promoting the show or even just manning the theatre bar! Get in touch with us:
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  • Tell your friends! Please share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter or however you prefer.
  • Finally, come and see the show! Booking info will be shared here nearer the time. Or join our (very irregular) mailing list to stay up to date:

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