Help us create a new piece of original theatre!

Marvellous Machine are a start-up ensemble-based theatre company based in Oxford who are looking for other lovely creative people to help create an original adaptation of The Tiger’s Bride by Angela Carter.

We’d love to meet anyone interested in helping to develop this piece in any capacity from actors to lighting designers, and musicians to costume designer/makers.

Read on to find out more about this production and the roles available for actors and collaborators.

Auditions will be taking place at 8pm – 10pm
on Thursday 21st July & Monday 25th July
Jericho St Barnabas Community Centre, 33A Canal Street (Opposite the church), Oxford OX2 6BQ

We don’t expect you to to prepare anything but come with lots of energy and an open mind. The audition process will involve a couple of games and creating your own mini fairy tale in groups. We hope it’ll be a fun, creative evening in itself.

If you have any skills or talents you’d like to share with us, like music, singing, dancing, or anything unusual like juggling, solving a Rubik’s Cube or rubbing your tummy and patting your head, we’ll be allowing some extra time at the end, but this isn’t mandatory.

An Introduction to Our Show

Angela Carter was the fairy godmother of magical realism, and had a profound impact on some of the greats of modern literature like Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood. In The Bloody Chamber, she was one of the first modern fiction writers to turn fairytale conventions on their head to unearth their visceral and raw origins. The Tiger’s Bride, a gothic reinterpretation of Beauty and the Beast, is a story of rebirth through female agency.

A brief description of each character:

Female, smart, sardonic, defiant

Beauty’s Father / Ensemble
Male but could be played by any gender: selfish, perhaps a former libertine, but now “a bit hopeless”

The Beast
Male: large, intimidating, but gentle inside. He is the eponymous Tiger. In rehearsals we will explore a variety of ways to create this character using physicality, puppetry and costuming.

The Valet
Male but could by played by any gender: simian, sprightly, comic

Beauty’s Maid
Female: a wind-up clockwork “twin” of Beauty. Smiling and silent, this is a physical role for a dancer or physical theatre performer, or alternatively could be created using puppetry

Please note: Like a lot of Angela Carter’s novels and short stories, The Tiger’s Bride explores adult themes, so 16+ only please.

Designers, technicians, makers:
If performing isn’t your bag but you think you could collaborate with us in another way, please get in touch.


If you have any questions, drop us a line on or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram