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Cornish, noun: sea maiden, mermaid

Drawing on English folklore and mermaid myths, Morveren is centred around a coastal community and what it’s like to be dependent on the sea. Tides are the rhythm of this community’s life, including the annual ritual in which they honour the water and everything it gives them. The play explores a world where women make the decisions, using theatrical magic and live music to tell this unique story of a matriarch handing on her power that offers an alternative to dystopian futures. ‘Morveren’ is about finding you were the answer all along and ends with an epic song and dance number celebrating community and harmony with nature. 

Ambitious banker Keren takes mermaid-obsessed daughter Ellie back to her rural Cornish roots, only to discover the village is a hidden society run by women. Morwen, the grandmother who raised her, wants Keren to stay here and take over as village matriarch. But Keren can’t imagine giving up the career she’s built – or wait to get out of here. Through confronting the legacy of the lifeboat wreck that killed her parents and finding a way to protect the village from becoming a gentrified heritage attraction, Keren discovers she doesn’t have to choose between owning her roots and her ambition. She can be both. 

We are working with female singers from Oxford Community Choir and London City Voices to create an original soundtrack of choral songs and folk music to accompany the play.

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