The Tiger’s Bride

My father lost me to the Beast at cards…

Having fled abjection in Russia, Beauty and her father arrive in a small Italian village to find that all who come here must play a hand with La Bestia. After her father makes a very ill-advised bet, Beauty must come to terms with a frightening new home, a surprising offer, and a most unusual Beast.

Based on Angela Carter’s short story, The Tiger’s Bride is a modern reworking of Charles Perrault’s Beauty and the Beast, for adults. Turning the conventional fairy-tale on its head, this is a story of desire, rebirth and embracing the Beast in all of us.

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“A plush and captivating take on one of Angela Carter’s famously subversive fairy tale retellings… There is luxury enough to sink into” – Daily Info

“A small-scale show thinking big. Wonderful” – Newbury Weekly News

Audience Comments

“[a] Thoroughly beautiful adaptation”

“Atmospheric, beautifully choreographed, fun at times & emotional!”

“Fantastic, original experience – loved every minute of it!”

“Magical, amazing, full of joy.  Really captured Angela’s spirit!”

“inventive staging and production, beautifully-drawn characters, sensual and engaging”

“Innovative and Magical – a wonderful evening.”

“very thought provoking…Really lovely Theatre”

“Absolutely Beautiful. All the ‘feels’.”

“Gaspingly good. So, so tender”

“clever and amazingly engaging”


Read Angela Carter Online’s review and interview with Artistic Director Lou Corben and Musical Director Becki Reed.

Actor, James Webster, on the devising process for The Tiger’s Bride. (Originally published in the Oxford Times, 7th September 2017)

The Company

Elwira Trofimczuk        Beauty

James Webster              The Valet

Ellen Publicover            The Beast / Ensemble

Ashanti Wheeler           Beauty’s Father / Ensemble

Laura Boone                    The Maid / Ensemble

Lou Corben                     Producer / Director

Becki Reed                       Musical Director / Musician

Tim Hennessy               Musical Assistant / Musician

Kat Padel                           Lighting Designer / LX Operator

Iris Nevin                          Art Design