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Producer Call Out 

Marvellous Machine Theatre Company are seeking a producer, with whom we can form  a long-term partnership. We are an unfunded company with 2 very successful sell-out shows under our belt.  We are looking for someone who would work with us to develop the company into its next phase, which would include helping us to source funding, so your fee (and ours) would depend on the funding model chosen, and its success. 

This is not a job description, but a way of opening a conversation with you. 

About Us

Marvellous Machine Theatre Company was founded in 2015 by Lou Corben, Artistic Director. Lou is the lead artist on all projects, alongside Musical Director Becki Jayne Reed. We also have regular collaborators in Lighting Designer Katrin Padel, and Tim Hennessy, who assists both with music and with administration. We are a female-led, ensemble-driven company with limited resources, yet the stories we tell are ones of castles, beasts, and magical transformations. We bring stories to life using live music and Foley, object theatre, puppetry, and physical theatre. Some say that limitation breeds invention and that seems to be the case with us.

Both of our shows so far have been literary adaptations: The Tiger’s Bride by Angela Carter, and Orlando by Virginia Woolf. We are keen to not become “that company that does literary adaptations”, but we’re also aware of the benefits of adaptation, such as having an easy-target audience. Our inspirations include Kneehigh, Les Enfants Terribles, Milk Presents and Frantic Assembly. We draw on these inspirations by making multi-disciplinary work with live music and an imaginative DIY aesthetic.

We’re also passionate about supporting and creating opportunities for those who are early in their careers, or who have not had the opportunity to formally train in their chosen field. With our productions, our aim is that at least 50% of the artists we work with have little to no formal training, in order to help them access the often inaccessible Arts sector.

Our productions have been crowdfunded so far, but we are keen to build up a company reserve and to be able to start paying our teams, and ourselves! 

That’s where you come in! 

We are looking for someone who

  • Can think outside the box and look at alternative funding models, as well as being familiar with traditional public funding. 
  • Can help us develop a business model for the company
  • Is a whizz with a spreadsheet, with a head for figures who can help us make and keep on top of budgets
  • Wants to change the theatre industry for the better, and work with unspotted talent
  • Has great organisational skills
  • Is probably a fair bit better at Social Media than we are 
  • Can negotiate good deals with venues, suppliers and sponsors 
  • Knows how to do marketing on a tight (or non-existent!) budget 
  • Is self-assured and can approach investors and funding bodies with confidence

Other bits and bobs of the kind you might work on

  • Firing off a load of Rights enquiries to help us decide what show to do next
  • Helping us with admin things like Risk Assessments and finding quotes for insurance and van hire
  • Drawing up and distributing company contracts
  • Helping with recruitment 
  • Ordering and sourcing supplies such as props and costumes
  • Generally helping us develop and plan the future of the company

What you don’t need to be

is someone who necessarily meets all of the above. This is a guideline and we are open to meeting anyone who is keen to develop a long term relationship with a theatre company. As mentioned above, one of the company’s key aims is to work with new and up and coming artists, but we feel that a little more experience is needed for this particular position. We are therefore seeking to connect with someone who has either recently graduated from a degree in Producing or Arts Management specifically, or if you don’t have a degree, then someone who has at least 3 years’ experience in Producing, Events Management, Arts Administration, Marketing or Ticketing. If you don’t have either of these, we would be happy to consider cross-over skills from other specialisms or industries. You’d preferably be someone who has their finger on the pulse of the UK Theatre scene, and who’s a laugh. Preferably someone early in their career with whom we can grow. We’d quite like to find someone who’s either close to or familiar with either of our bases in Oxford or London, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology you could probably live in Timbuktu and we could make it work. 

To Apply

  • Please send either
    • a CV
    • a link to the best page online for us to read about your career
    • a short video talking about your career so far or what you’ve been up to & learning at uni
  • If you would like to include a cover letter, we would be interested to hear about
    • Anything on your CV you think needs expanding upon
    • Your ambitions for the future
    • If there’s anything in particular about our work that interests you 

Please email these to by midnight on Friday 12 June 2020

We’ll be organising a casual online coffee chat with anyone we think fits the bill. We hope to meet as many people as possible.

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Lou Corben 

Artistic Director, Marvellous Machine Theatre Company

PS: If there is any way we can make this call-out document, or the application process more accessible for you, please tell us.